Friday, May 16, 2014

Akhona Memela


Maggie know as Akhona Memela from Generations was born in Pretoria and attended Pretoria Tech where she studied music, dance and theatre. 

During her theatre stint, Maggie performed at the civic theatre in Showboat and Goldilocks and the Three bears. Maggie also works as an ambassador with the Walt Disney Company.

Some of her television tributes include appearances on Snitch, Justice for all 3 and 7de laan. She was also a presenter on the day time show lifestyle. 

Maggie starred with Renate Stuurman and Elma Postma in the SABC 2 drama series the mating game, in 2010.

The three star as longtime best friends who are lost in a gridlock of juggling careers, friendships, families, sex, stilettos, lipstick and bed-head as they search for their ideal man. 

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